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General Cleseription
China Wine Import Data Monitoring (Semiannual Report, 2014) [2014/10/15]
An analysis of the wine consumption in Chinese market [2005/6/1]
Survey of wine manufacturers in China [2005/5/23]
Chinese Habit and Taste in Drinking Wine [2005/5/23]
The competitor summary and promoting sell in chinese wine market [2005/5/23]
Chinese Relative Stipulations Statutes of Wine [2005/5/23]
Chinese Government corrects tax and charges to import wine [2005/5/23]
Consumption occasions of imported wine [2005/5/23]
About China
Statistic Data
China’S Wine Imports Drop In Both Volume & Value In Jan & Feb. [2017/4/6]
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China’S Alcohol Imports Grew In 2016 [2017/1/9]
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Top 10 sources of imported wines in China: the half year report [2016/7/30]
Laws & Regulations
China’s Translation Norm on Terminology of Imported Wines(Part.3) [2015/3/11]
China’s Translation Norm on Terminology of Imported Wines(Part.2) [2015/3/2]
China’s Translation Norm on Terminology of Imported Wines(Part.1) [2015/2/28]
Solutions for quality orientation in China Wine Classification System [2010/12/6]
The current tariff on imported wine in China [2007/12/18]
General Standard for the Labeling of Prepackaged Alcoholic Beverages [2006/8/30]
General standard for the labeling of prepackaged foods [2006/8/30]
Exporting Wine: Labelling Guidelines for China [2006/4/30]