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Wine Producing Region Ad
Releasing the information of wineries and products in China Wines Information Website

Everything about wine is a unique column in the Chinese version of China Wines Information Website that introduces wine knowledge to Chinese readers, including varieties, regions, producers, basic knowledge, a compendium of wine websites, books and movies.

The column features a thorough introduction of wine regions across the world, which would be a perfect place to display your winery from corresponding region.

In addition to general introduction of a region, the region segment of the column would also feature information about iconic wineries and classic wines, and articles about the region written by wine writers who traveled there.

The Everything about wine column is one of the most viewed page at China Wines Information Website, which is easily accessible from any mainstream search engines and has a huge number of daily visitors who are wine consumers or merchants that already have a kin interesting in wine.

Advertising here will only cost you a little bit of money (a one-time fee) but has the potential to generate a lot.

How to advertise at the wine region segment of the Everything about wine column:

If you wish to be listed as a producer from certain wine region in this segment, all you have to do is contact us and send us the information of your winery or wines. Upon receiving payment, we will post your information in 5 work days.

What to send us: Introduction of your winery and wines, pictures included(up to 10 pics), links to your website.

Fees for enlistment: We charge 200 euros for listing one winery or one series of wine. This will be a one-time charge, maintaining or updating would not generate further fee. However, since the information would be viewed by Chinese readers, it has to be in Chinese. (We provide translation of English to Chinese for 50 euros per 1,000 words, or you can have it translated and sent us the Chinese version.)

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