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  * Feefback TopicBe aware of faked wines from Chille Pirazzoli wine [ Reply 0  |  Examine 11276 ]

edlovesu (edlovesu)
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        Time: 2015/4/17 14:50:52 1    

I once worked for Mr Pedro PINOCHET of Pirazzoli wines from the end of July, 2014 till early November of 2014 as his assistant.

I'm writing to accuse him fabricating, faking and distributing faked wine samples to some potential Chinese customers when he was in China the last summer. He demanded me to take him to a few supermarkets, bought botteld wine of another winery in CURICOO VALLLEY and mineral water, he mixed them, rebottled them and relabelled them. I warned him that was illegal, yet he claimed that he had done it many times, nobody would ever find it out. I have evidence for all of his crimimal behaviours, I can point out where , when and how many faked samples he had made and which customers he cheated by giving them the faked samples. What should and can I do to send this criminal to the prison?

I'm willing to take all legal responsibilities for everything I say.
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