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Future of Xinjiang wine industry looks promising by Stacier Wei2012/11/2 14:21:23  


It starts with interviews of the reporter with some local home-wine makers. More and more people feel interested in making their own home wine by using local grapes.

Mr Zhou Yuzhong, one of the dozen growers in Changjizhou who sell grapes to local home-wine makers and wineries, tells the reporter that their grapes are very much in demand by local wine producers.

Planting wine-making grapes is the pillar industry of Wuyi Farm; the vineyards cover an 1080-mu area and is expected to have 900 tons of estimated output for 2012.

Almost all of these vine growers don’t have to worry about their market and sales. In the season of harvest of every year, wineries make contact with these growers and demand their grapes. Some growers have established long-term partnership with local wineries.

Big brands like Changyu, Weilong, etc. have entered and are stationed in Xinjiang province for purchasing wine-making grapes from these growers. The future looks promising for Xinjiang wine industry.


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