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China Customs ferrets out 120 cases of counterfeit red wine by Stacier Wei23/04/2012  


The counterfeit product has the English marking :Syrah Custer Syrah Dry Red Wine” on the label. On the Chinese label tag, it is the authorization by “French Castel Winery Industrial Stock Company, split filling by Changli Castel Winery Wine Co. Ltd., the General Agent in Hainan—Laiguishan Liquor Co. Ltd.

These 120 cases, or 741 bottles of counterfeited red wine are counted for 60,000 Yuan. The labels are tagged in English “ Caste Manor Dry Red Wine”, in Chinese “French Castel Winery Joint-Stock Company Produce, Yantai Ouhua Manor Wine Making Co. Ltd. Bulking, System of State Licences For The Manufacture: QS370615020145”. However, tags on carton are marked with Chinese signs“Originally Bottled Before Import

The real Castel Brother Corporation claims that Castel wines in China are 100% originally imported from France.

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